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Choosing the right lead setup

These are some of the most popular lead setups for specialist Carp fishing

In-line Lead

The bolt rig itself can be made in two variations. The first one the “inline” bolt rig the mainline passes through the inline lead and then attaches to a ring swivel and a kwik link to allow easy changing of your hair rig. The swivel part of the ring swivel will push into the lead insert to create the bolt rig effect. When the carp picks up the bait and begins to move away the weight of the lead will set the hook since the mainline won’t pass through since the swivel is locking the lead in place. Now if a carp does get tangled and breaks the line with a little force the lead will slide down the line and fall off freeing the fish from dragging a lead around the lake

Gardner Tackle Flat Pear Inline Brown 2.5oz


Used for a Chop or helicopter run, usually involved a leadcore leader which enabled the hooklink to slide up and down the leader.

Korda Distance Helicopter Casting Swivel Leads 2.5oz

Running Leads

Are great at letting you know every last detail of rig movement in all directions but not so good at pricking the fish in the first place!

Korda Flat Pear Swivel Leads 2.5oz

Semi Fixed 

Are great at pricking the fish but not so good at letting you know that this has happened if the fish swims towards you or sideways.

Gardner Tackle Grappler Leads 2.5oz Chod

Back Leads 

An additional weight on a fishing line, to ensure that the line rests on the bed of the lake. 

Korda Safe Zone Flying Backleads (6)

Feature Finding Leads 

Feature Finding Leads have been designed to increase feedback of information to your rod when dragging the weight across the lake/river bed.

Gardner Tackle Feature Finder Leads 3oz

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