Hook Patterns

Choosing the right hook pattern to suit each fishing situation is an important choice that many anglers overlook

These are some of the most popular hook patterns for specialist Carp fishing

Curve Shank

Wheares most other hooks on this carp market have a straight backbone, these ones are curved in the shank. Popular in the fly-fishing world, carp anglers realised their coarse potential many years ago.

The curved shank is considered to make these hooks harder for the fish to get rid of. Some more advanced setups, such as the KD rig, rely on the hooking mechanics of curved-shank hooks.

Stiff Rigger

The difference with this hook is pronounced out-turned eye, which makes this pattern perfect for use with materials like fluorocarbons. Though such materials have improved in recent years, fluorocarbons and monofilaments were traditionally found to weaken considerably when tied to an inturned-eyed hook with a knotless knot.

These days, chod rigs are all the rage and these hooks are the only sensible choice for such a presentation.

Wide Gape

Perhaps the most classic-looking carp pattern, a wide-gape hook is a good all-rounder. They are great for use with bottom baits but come into their own with buoyant baits, either in the form of pop-ups or on the surface. In the latter scenario wide-gape hooks are chosen due to their high strength-to-size ratio.

The large gap (the distance between the point and the shank) improves the chances of the hook catching hold as the fish expells your hookbait.

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