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Gardner Tackle Flat Pear Inline Leads Camo Various Sizes

Gardner Tackle Flat Pear Inline Leads Camo Various Sizes

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Leads Sizes
Flat Pear inline leads offer maximum resistance when a fish sucks up your hookbait and tightens the hooklink.

This stable anchor point ensures that the rig works to its maximum potential, pricking and keeping the hook in the fish’s mouth. This is due to the massive surface area in contact with the lake or river bed.

They are a hugely popular shape that can be rigged ‘drop off’ style when fishing in heavy weed. They’re also the perfect shape for ‘edge’ anglers, lowering rigs onto cleaned off hard spots.

  • Supplied with a dedicated hard insert to fit size 8 swivels and a tail rubber.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 1.5oz (28g) to 5oz (142g).
  • Choice of 3 finishes: Stone, Camo, Dung.

Coating colour guide:

  • Camo – A robust plastic powder coating that blends several colours including green and brown to make a natural colour that blends in really well in with a wide range of aquatic environments.
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