NGT Profiler Extender Carp Rod - 10ft 2pc 3.5lb tc

NGT Profiler Extender Carp Rod - 10ft 2pc 3.5lb tc

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SKU : NGT_Profiler_Extender_Carp_Rod_-_10ft_2pc_3_5lb_tc
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Profiler Extender Carp Rod - 10ft, 2pc, 3.5lb Test Curve Compact Carp Rod with Telescopic First Section
The NGT 10ft Profiler EXT is the perfect rod for the angler on the go or where space is limited.  Featuring a telescopic butt section this rod packs down to a mere 4ft when closed.  It also boasts a super slim and ultra-responsive blank, a soft non slip rubber handle, ceramic rings and low reflection finish.


Brand NGT

Rod name Profiler ® EXT

Pieces 2

Length ft / m 10ft / 2.7m (4ft when closed)

Test curve 3.50lb

Material Carbon

Colour Black Casing

Cloth bag

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