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Carp Company Liquids/Oils Various (250ml)

Carp Company Liquids/Oils Various (250ml)

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Ideal for an additive in your mix, but also excellent in any groundbait mix or as an additive to particles.

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Anchovy Plus 250ml: Anchovy Plus is a thick brown liquid with a very strong fishy taste. It is made from pure anchovies and carp love it. Recommend: 5-10ml per 5-egg mix.

Pure Salmon Extract 250ml: A pure hydrolysed Norwegian Salmon Extract, high in Amino Acids and omega-3 fatty acids. Open the bottle and you can instantly smell it’s a fish catcher.

Pukka Salmon Oil 250ml: Pukka Salmon Oil is a high grade oil from Norway. It has a superb taste and excellent attraction properties coupled with a high nutritional value. A must in any fish mix. One of the best oils to add to your trout pellets.

Minamino 250ml: This highly regarded product contains a whole range of Amino Acids, Vitamins & Minerals as well as a high percentage of Sugar. A superb additive in any bait. It is also an excellent bait soak and is really worth using as an additive in groundbaits.

Pure Hemp Oil 250ml: Carp Co. were probably the first carp bait company to market pure cold pressed hemp oil, we certainly know the rewards that can be had when using this totally natural oil in the right baits. Again it is also an excellent additive in groundbaits and particles.

Golden Corn Oil 250ml: Ideal for an additive in your mix but it is also excellent in any ground bait mix or as an additive to your particles. This additive is highly effective when added to floating baits. It is golden in colour and has a strong buttered sweet corn smell and taste.

Corn Steep Liquor 250ml: CSL is a highly regarded additive in any base mix and is also an excellent ground bait additive.



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