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Gardner Camflex Leadcore 45lb 20m Various Colours

Gardner Camflex Leadcore 45lb 20m Various Colours

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This new superb flecked, ultra supple CamFlex Plummet leadcore offers excellent camouflage as the broken flecked pattern breaks up the visual solid line of the leadcore and helps each colour leader material blend more effectively into the natural aquatic environment.

CamFlex leadcore features a smooth finish, tightly braided outer which is easy to splice strongly. It has a super-dense (0.5mm) lead inner core that is the softest and most supple available, which helps to ensure that leaders, constructed with CamFlex, settle flush to the lake bed keeping them tucked away. This means they are less visible in the daytime and less likely to be touched by feeding fish nosing around the baited area.

It’s perfect for all uses – from long running chod rigs and helicopter rigs, to more conventional running rigs and even free lining in marginal spots. CamFlex offers increased abrasion as well which can be useful when fishing near bars, weed, rocks or other underwater hazards!

Here at Gardner we’re big leadcore fans – as know that a well constructed rig with a good leadcore not only adds stealth to the terminal tackle but also additional robustness. The higher diameter of a leadcore is kinder as it is less likely to lift scales as we play fish to the bank.

*Please ensure that your rigs allow for the separation of the hooklink form the leader – we recommend well constructed helicopter rigs for this purpose and using leadcore with a high quality strong mainline to effectively negate any possible risks associated with using a leader.

CamFlex is available in two breaking strains: 35lb (15.9kg) and 45lb (20.4kg), to cover all angling scenarios both in the UK and on mainland Europe.

  • Diameter: 35lb – 0.85mm / 45lb – 0.95mm.
  • A soft and supple super-dense lead inner.
  • Weighs 3 grams per metre.
  • Made with 0.50mm lead-wire inner.
  • Supplied on 20m Spools.
  • 3 Camo Flecked colours: Camo Fleck Brown, Camo Fleck Green and Camo Fleck Silt.
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