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Gardner Kinetic Braid All Types/Breaking Strains

Gardner Kinetic Braid All Types/Breaking Strains

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Kinetic Distance Braid is a super soft and smooth, low diameter, high performance pure Dyneema main line that has been developed especially for extreme range angling and baiting.

During development and testing Kinetic Distance Braid performed outstandingly, casting smoothly and effortlessly even at extreme ranges. It bedded in less than other similar low diameter braided main lines that field testers had used.

Kinetic Distance Braid is dyed a very dark shade of green as this reduces mid water visibility – an essential consideration as extreme range fishing often requires tight lines for positive bite indication. Bite indication is also enhanced as Kinetic Distance Braid offers near-zero stretch giving instant contact and enhanced feedback when used on a marker/leading rod.

  • Made with 100% Dyneema fibres which offers incredible strength for the braid’s low diameter.
  • Smooth, soft finish reduces friction and ensures the braid glides through the rod rings with minimal resistance.
  • Round profile & tight weave helps to minimise wind knots.
  • Low Viz Dark Green.

Kinetic Braided Mainline

These high quality, pure Dyneema mainlines are manufactured to exacting standards to offer a combination of low diameters, high performance and reliability.

All Kinetic Braided mainlines have near-zero stretch which transmits the subtlest bite indications even at extreme range. When combined with a heavy braided shock leader we have received praise from customers who have been able to fishing consistently at 180 yards using the low diameter 15lb Kinetic Braided mainline! The mid ranged versions in 20lb and 30lb make excellent marker and spod braids, whilst the heaviest breaking strains have been popular with continental customers that use these lines for heavy duty carp and catfish.

This braided line is also perfectly suited to sea anglers that are looking for a top quality braided mainline to use whilst boat fishing.

  • 100% Dyneema.
  • Breaking strain is rated at true knot strength (most braids aren’t).
  • Tough & abrasion resistant.
  • UV Resistant.
  • High linear & knot strength.
  • Supplied on 250m spools.
  • Low Viz Dark Green.
Breaking Strain Diameter (Uncrushed) Meterage
15lb (6.8kg) 0.23mm 250m
20lb (9.1kg) 0.27mm 250m
30lb (13.6kg) 0.34mm 250m
40lb (18kg) 0.36mm 250m

Always use a suitable shock leader with low diameter braided main lines, and keep them wet when fishing/baiting at range to avoid unnecessary wind knots and tangles

New & improved, the new Kinetic Marker Braid is now thinner (0.28mm), stronger and smoother offering even greater strength and casting performance.

This superb high performance braided main line as been especially developed for use whilst using a marker float or ‘leading’, but can also be used for light/medium spodding and spombing with absolute confidence.

The near-zero stretch Kinetic Marker Braid ensures elevated sensitivity and pinpoint feedback to your marker rod, which means it transmits the movement of the lead and the nature of the lake bed more accurately as it’s pulled across different types of lake bed, helping you to understand your venue’s topography better so you can pinpoint the hot spots in your swim.

Kinetic Marker Braid is manufactured using a superior 8-Carrier construction gives a nice round profile and super smoother finish, ensuring it glides through rod rings smoothly for easier casting and fewer fraps or wind knots.

  • 100% Dyneema.
  • Rated 25lb (11.3kg). The breaking strain is rated at true knot strength.
  • High knot strength and super strong.
  • 250m per spool.
  • 0.28mm diameter.
  • Low Viz dark green.

Dyneema® is a registered trademark of DSM Dyneema.

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