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Gardner Tackle ‘Mark-It’ Marker Elastic Fluro Yellow (8m)

Gardner Tackle ‘Mark-It’ Marker Elastic Fluro Yellow (8m)

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This 0.8mm Marker Elastic is perfect for tying ‘stop knots’ onto your mainline; marking the distance so you can tuck your mainline under the reel spool clip, ensuring that whenever you cast out hookbaits, marker floats and spodded freebies they all land at exactly the right range.

The soft, supple texture of the latex rubber helps to ensure that the tag ends on the marker knot do not inhibit the cast (stiffer materials can catch as the line flies off of the reel spool).

Achieving a really high level of accuracy in your hookbait placement and application of freebies will mean you fish more consistently.

Accurate angling is a major piece of the ‘jigsaw’ when you’re targeting all the bottom feeding Still water species, not just carp. Simply put, getting the fish to feed on a defined baited area will mean the fish are more likely to come across your hookbait.

Gardner ‘Mark-It’ is available in two hi-viz colours – green and yellow and is supplied on 8m spools.

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