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Nash Bait Screws Various

Nash Bait Screws Various

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Bait Screws

The quickest and easiest anti-eject bait mounting yet, Bait Screws pierce and grip pop ups, cork balls, boilies, plastic baits and nuts. Offering total freedom of movement Bait Screws enhance rig mechanics and hook turning for the most effective presentation possible.

Product Information

  • Ten per packet.
  • Available in 8mm and 21mm for presentation and hookbait flexibility.

T8050 Bait Screws Approx 8mm
T8097 Bait Screws Approx 21mm

Double Ended Screw

Change presentations instantly – screw into your hook bait to add toppers, convert bottom baits to snowman rigs or produce multiple bait rigs.

T8101 Double Ended Screw

Plastic Bait Screws

Threaded plastic bait screws used to pierce and grip boilies, pop-ups, nuts, foam and plastic baits. Lighter than metal screws, making them the natural choice for buoyant hookbaits, balanced baits and wafters.

  • Available in 8 and 21mm.
  • Ten per packet.

T8049 Plastic Bait Screws 8mm
T8100 Plastic Bait Screws 21mm

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