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Ridgemonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter S/M/L

Ridgemonkey Choppa Boilie Cutter S/M/L

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RM180 Choppa Small 14-16mm
RM181 Choppa Medium 18-20mm
RM182 Choppa Large 22-26mm

  • Simple to use, easy to empty
  • Hard-wearing two-piece design
  • Stainless steel cutting blade
  • Available in small, medium and large sizes
  • Protected registered design

Cut multiple boilies quickly and efficiently with the RidgeMonkey Choppa: designed & developed to chop multiple baits at a time, saving time and effort over traditional methods. Simple design, easy to use and makes fishing with chopped boilies a pleasure – the irregular shape of the cut baits means the they flutter down slowly through the water column and settle gently on top of silt or low-lying weed, creating a baiting situation that is very different to that of traditional round boilies.


Recommended Size Guide:
Small 14-16mm
Medium 18mm-20mm
Large 22-26mm

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